This was transcribed exactly as written from:
1850 -- 1865

Transcriber Carmen Bein: I have placed all names in a bold font for easier genealogical research.


Allen T. Ward to Cintha A. Welborn, 3 Dec. 1856, David Welborn, J.P.

John W. Sullivan to Jane T. Bodenhamer, 12 Mar. 1857, David Welborn, J.P.

Alson G. Bodenhamer to Esther M. Worthington, 5 Oct. 1856, D. Welborn, J.P.

Henry Faukman to Mary Margaret Eickler, 24 Jan. 1857, Mosby Arnold, O.M.

Don C. Bowman to Mary A. Banks, 29 Oct. 1855, Benj. Kidd, M.M.E.Ch.
            Recorded 14 April 1857

Gilmore Hays to Eliza J. Goodwin, 7 April 1857, Martin Corder, M.

George H. Johns to Mary Ann Graham, 7 Jan. 1856, Allen Wright, El. C.Ch.

James A. Williams to Matilda Kinchloe, 1 Feb. 1857, Thomas Minton, J.P.

Charles Bartels to Louisa Clanka, 14 Apr. 1857, G. Clayton, J.P.

John Michael Yolte to August C. Stine, 21 Apr. 1857, D. F. Healy, C. Pr.

T. or L. James to Francis R. Hale, 7 Apr. 1857, S. W. Warder, P. Bapt. Ch.

Johann Heinrich Elling to Anna I. Katharina Maria Klingenberg, 7 Apr. 1857,
             J. P. Welsch, M. G.

Axel Page to Anthea Cauts, 9 Feb. 1857, J.H. Walker, J.P.

Benjamin E. Morris to Elizabeth Coliver, 5 Apr. 1857, J. H. Walker, J.P.

John C. Royle to Eliza Kirtley, 23 Apr. 1857, B. W. Hobson, O.M. Presb. Ch.

John Collett to Jane Walkins, 30 Apr. 1857, Benj. Emison, J.P.

Francis Marion Fox to Michall Elizabeth Grees, 15 Feb. 1857, L.T. Meng. El.

William Martin Parks to Martha Susan Meadors, 16 May 1857, Ed. Wagoner

Paul Boob to Mary Jane Hollingsworth, 23 Apr. 1857, E. Roth

James Teely to Mary Smith, 17 May 1857, D. F. Healy, Catholic Priest

Charles Molay to Margaret Arnold, 21 May 1857, D.F. Healy, Catholic Priest

John McIntyre to Anne Mechger, 24 May 1857, D.F. Healy, Catholic Priest

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