This was transcribed exactly as written from:
1850 -- 1865

Transcriber Carmen Bein: I have placed all names in a bold font for easier genealogical research.


Daniel Frigg to Anna Shields, 13 May 1856, D. Gordon Estes, R.

Eli Parent to Elizabeth Smith, 16 Mar. 1856, William A. Parks, J.P.

Lewis A. Hunt to Nancy M. Bivins, 30 May 1856, Robert Glenn, M. Bapt. Ch.

John W. Cash to Virgelia Musgrove, 1 June 1856, Jas. S. Mase

William Rankin to Lizy Ruph, 5 Oct. 1855, Elder J. White

Samuel West to Lizy Johnston, 4 May 1856, Elder J. White

James A. Atkinson to Mary Ann Rupell, 18 Mar. 1856, Geo. Minton, M. G.

Henry R. Bledsoe to Mary Brown, 27 Mar. 1856, Geo. Minton, M. Bapt. Ch.

W. Stephen Fell to Parlee F. Johnson, 3 Apr. 1856, E. M. Edwards, J.P.

John T. or L. Simmons to Ann Malone, 6 Apr. 1856, E. M. Edwards, J.P.

George Tucker of Saline Co. to Martha C. Shirley, 25 Mary 1856, T. Ferrell, J.P.

Nathaniel Williams to Nancy Catharine Ennis, 22 Feb. 1854, F.L.Mitchell,
              M.G. recorded 6 June 1856

J.W. Gates to Mary Hayes, 3 June 1855, F.L.Mitchell, M.G. rec. 6 June 1856

Andrew Lynch of Nodaway Co. to Rebecca Ennis, 4 Apr. 1856, F.L. Mitchell

Linville McBride Page to Sarah Jane Page, 7 May 1856, Joshua Page, M.G.

A.L. Trundle to Sarah A. Lee, 6 May 1856, Mosby Arnold, O.M. M.E.Ch.S.

Jones Miller to Mary A. Howard, 3 June 1856, Thos. Minton, J.P.

Edmund Hennessy to Margaret Murphy, 1 June 1856, Bernard Donnelly, C.Pr.

Zachariah Graves to Anne E. Hutchison, 17----1856, W.W. Suddath, M. G.
            Recorded 20 June 1856

Cornelius Ennis to Emila Puckett, 27 May 1856, Rev. F. M. Williams

Randolph William Frank to Mary J. Pyett, 3 July 1856, J.C. Royle, J.P.

McHenry Sander to Ann Wilhelmine Denning, 20 July 1856, I.G. Kost, M.

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