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     BARRY COUNTY, MO    Kings Prairie Township
      1900 - Vol. 4, E.D. 1? or 7?, Sheet 2, Lines 8 - 50
   Capps Creek Township
      1900 - Vol. 4, E.D. 3, Sheet 3, Lines 54 - 100
    BOONE COUNTY, MO       1830   1840   1850
    GREENE COUNTY, MO       1900   1910   1920
    GUILFORD COUNTY, NC       1820   1830   1840   1850
    JOHNSON COUNTY, MO       1830   1840   1850
    LAFAYETTE COUNTY, MO           1850 -    PAGE 89    PAGE 90    PAGE 96
    LAWRENCE COUNTY, MO        1880   1890
    MARION COUNTY, KY       1830   1840   1850   1860   1870
    NELSON COUNTY, KY       1830   1840   1850   1860
    PETTIS COUNTY, MO    Blackwater Township
      1860       1870       1880 - Volume 26; E. D. 123; Sheet 6   
      1900 - Volume 72; E. D. 93; Sheet 8
    SALINE COUNTY, MO    Elmwood Township
      1870 -Page 21       1880 - Vol. 30; E. D. 62; Sheet 15
   Salt Pond Township
      1900 - Vol. 104; E. D. 141; Sheet 1;
    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO    St. Louis, E. Benton Street
      1880 - Vol. 42, E.D. 427, Sheet 3, Lines 1 - 32
    TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY       1870 Index - Townships:
         Caroline    Danby    Dryden    Enfield    Groton    Ithaca    
         Lansing    Newfield    Trumansburg    Ulysses
    WEBSTER COUNTY, MO       1900   1910   1920

 1765   March 22  The Stamp Act which imposed tax on Americans by the British was immediately
 opposed by the colonists.
   March 24  The Quartering Act provided for the board and upkeep of British troops by Amercians and caused
 American resentment.
   October 7  The Stamp Act Congress meets in NY with delegates from 9 colonies and draw up a Declaration of 
 Rights and Grievances.
 1766  March   British parliament repeals the Stamp Act and passes the Declaratory Act giving the
 King authority to make laws directly affecting the colonies.
 1767  June 29   Townshend Acts are a new series of taxes to be imposed on Americans by the British.
 1770  March 5   The Boston Massacre - British troops wound and kill several Americans during street clashes.
 1773  December 16   The Boston Tea Party - In protest of a tax on tea, Americans masquerading as Indians board
 British ships in the Boston harbor and throw the cargo overboard.
 1774  Sept. 5 - Oct. 26   The First Continental Congress is held in Philadelphia with representatives from all colonies
 except Georgia.
 1775  April 19   The Battles of Lexington and Concord begin the American Revolution. Williams Dawes and Paul
 Revere alert the countryside that the British are coming.
 1781  October 19   British General Cornwallis surrenders to American General George Washington at Yorktown
 effectively ending the American War for Independence.
 1787  September 17   The delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia sign the constitution which will be
 effective when ratified by nine states.
 1788  June   New Hampshire ratifies the United States Constitution thereby making it operative.
 1789  March 4   George Washington, a Federalist, is inaugurated as first president.
 1797  March 4   John Adams, a Federalist, is inaugurated second president.

Let Freedom Ring                  This flag courtesy Animation Factory

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